The International Design Awards USA (IDA), which recognizes and celebrates exceptional design and designers in the professions of architecture, interior, product and fashion, has announced the 2021 winners. JJP’s Multi-Functional Auditorium for the National Central University is the recipient of the Silver Prize in architecture.

Pine tree is the symbol of the National Central University, and the design of the new auditorium was inspired by the pine cone bearing seeds of wisdom. Two volumes of the building stand on the axis of the campus, consisting of an auditorium with 1,500 seats, a research center, and the building of multi-functional classrooms.

Surrounded by a sprightly pine forest, the shape of a pine cone is to create layered spaces in the ovoid. The acoustic reflections carefully designed are for lectures and performances of music or theaters, thus the events inside can be connected to the outdoor space, thereby augmenting the stage. In addition to meeting the academic needs of the university, it also serves as an art and culture destination for the entire Taoyuan area.

JJP has enjoyed a continuous presence in the IDA, as the National Library of Public Information  (Gold Prize), Ring of Celestial Bliss (Honorable Mention), and Competition Proposal for the Hsinchu Municipal Library (Honorable Mention) have all been recognized.






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