KHH featured in Passenger Terminal World magazine

The Master Planning and Schematic Design of the New Terminal of Kaohsiung International Airport" was featured in Passenger Terminal World’s 2023 Showcase issue with a 6-page story coverage.

This project was entrusted by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) to three leading design and engineering firms - JJP Architects & Planners is leading the basic design of the new terminal, April Yang Design Studio is responsible for the airport master planning, while Taiwan Engineering Consultants Group (TECG) is in charge of infrastructure and civil engineering.

As the most important southern gateway to Taiwan, KHH forecasts that over the next 20+ years its domestic and international passengers will hit 16.5 million in 2045, which is the criteria that the airport design aims to meet.

The coverage focused especially on the design objectives and design concept. The new terminal will be built on the same site as the current facilities so JJP intends to carefully integrate the new spaces and existing ones in order to provide flexibilities for the airside as well as integrating landside facilities such as dining, shopping, and commercial activities. Further, improvements will also be made to strengthen the transportation linkage to and from the airport.

The new terminal design conveys elements from transportation, industry, ocean and culture. The imagery of the undulating roof was inspired by the ocean waves while the structure image was inspired from paper umbrellas produced in the local town of Meinong. The roof also features skylights that have been carefully positioned and distributed to assist with wayfinding. As people are naturally drawn to light, passengers will feel the charm of southern Taiwan through the change in lighting conditions throughout the day.

The airport’s airside retail offering will be significantly improved from the current facility. The airside retail and dining space will incorporate open plan with large outlets that act as ‘islands under the roof’. These islands will be two stories high in volume to create more diverse types of retail experience, with a big frontage for branding opportunities.

Additionally, the new airport design converts the existing surface parking lot into a new urban park, thus providing a nice amenity for the neighborhood. Furthermore, to promote public transportation as much as possible, the new airport design aims to seamlessly integrate the terminal and the subway station as part of the objective to build a smart and sustainable airport.

more info: Passenger Terminal World 2023