It is pleased to announce that the National Library of Public Information (NLPI), also known as Taichung Library has won the 3rd Taichung Urban Design Awards, 2014. The ceremony was held in Taichung City Hall on October 8th as a principal in charge, Jason Chen, accepted the award.

Taichung Urban Design Awards started from 2012 aimed to promote the projects with aesthetics, public contribution and model of designs. Taichung is a cradle where various types of development and creative designs rooted. The award is to help promote these brilliant ideas.

NLPI is recognized as one of the most popular civic buildings in Taiwan. Since its opening, millions of visitors have been fascinated by the dynamic form and interior space. The striking form of the building features a "horizontal flow" theme recalling the irrigation canals in the city's early settlement as well as symbolizing the fluid data interface in the internet age.