J.J.Pan & Partners is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary and publish its 3rd Monograph. Growing from a small studio into a thriving architectural practice with approximately professionals in four major Chinese-speaking cities, the firm has earned a reputation for creating projects with remarkable design and technical satisfaction.


The book, J.J. Pan and Partners: Sustainability, Professionalism, Discourse, is the 3rd monograph of the firm published by image group in March 2012. In book, the firm’s approach to these three distinct aspects of architecture can be best understood through the Chinese character(etymology of 藝yi, art). A philological analysis of the character reveals three distinct parts: The top portion is a pictogram representing “plants”; the middle portion indicates “to execute”, and the bottom portion implies “discussion”. “Yi” best summaries J.J.Pan & Partners core values, as these elements translate to “sustainability”, “professionalism” and “discourse” – three essential components of art, which the firm diligently pursue in architecture through all of ours projects.

Projects included as below:

Shanghai Office, Horizon Design - Best Historic Preservation Project, The 2nd Biennial Business Week /Architectural Record China Awards & AIA New York State Award of Excellence for Adaptive Reuse

Fab 12 Phase 4, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company – LEED Gold & EEWH Diamond, highest green architecture standard.

Taichuang Library – a digital library with multidisciplinary resources in Taiwan

Cultural-Creative Enterprise Flagship, Huashan Cultural Park – an integration of new construction & city renewal.



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