In respect to the value of sustainability, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), global pioneer of semiconductor foundries launched two books, TSMC’s Green Power and TSMC’s Green Action in February, 2014 published by Commonwealth Publishing Group.

The two books are mainly about TSMC’s achievement in making this environment better. The linear strokes drawing on the book cover sketched by Joshua Jih Pan is TSMC Fab 12 phase 4 which expresses the innovative process working together with TSMC.

“We take ourselves as a role model to stress the importance of green design and sustainability. Moreover, we manage to break the stereotype of that ‘corporates are the killers of nature’ via our Green volunteers, building design, eco-campus and supply chain. Due to the high standard of the green design, TSMC is able to reduce more than 100 million costs per year” said TSMC.

J.J. Pan & Partners is really honored to contribute together with TSMC for building Green Architecture.

Official website of the books