JJP’s design, National Taiwan University Hospital Cancer Center, was awarded Project of the Year in the Chinese Hospital Architecture & Equipment Craftsmanship Award. The jury profoundly recognizes the concept of a healing environment which adopted the spirits of sustainability and holistic care upon spaces in & out of the building.

A skylight called “Tower of Hope” as a metaphor of growing continually, in the lobby is based on leaf veins to introduce more natural light and reduce the stress in the medical facility. The medical mall, right next to the skylight, adopts wood and stone to create an organic image to echo “hopes.”

The building is spindle-shaped, with a sunroom sitting at both ends, softening the cold feeling of a traditional hospital. The triangle circulation enhances the staff’s working efficiency and shortens paths.

The windows in the intensive care unit draw natural light into the interior and thus help to reduce the helplessness of the confinement. Meanwhile, the windows on the hallway outside the operation room also soothe the staff’s nerves.

An advanced medical facility shall not just introduce the latest technology, but also takes into account spiritual care to become a holistic care environment.

Since its launch in 2016, the China Hospital Construction Craftsmanship Award has received extensive attention and active participation from the industry. After a series of rigorous evaluations, such as preliminary evaluation, review, online voting, media evaluation, expert evaluation, and so on, the award and the jury strive to discover outstanding projects, enhance the competitiveness of the industry, and evoke positive energy through evaluation activities.