Eslite Bookstore has selected Building the Foundation of Life as best sellers 2010. With the extremely positive effect & meanings that the book brings, it has also received honors from other bookstore:

★     Elite books                                         No.6 in Arts

★    Elite books Annual Selection         Top 5

★                                    Top 100 in Business & Finance

★    Kingstone                                            Top 50 in Spiritual

 Building the Foundation of Life - Brick by Brick is now available from June, 2010 and shortlisted by Elite books as Selections. This semi-biography contains numerous stories featuring Mr. Joshua Jih Pan’s life experiences and attitude, and is written into words by famous writer, Goya Lan.

During 2010 June, numbers of selected models representing dreams of Architecture are displayed at bookstores where the book sold. In this way, J.J.Pan & Partners would like to share this pathway required passion and savoir-faire toward architecture