The chapel of the China Evangelical Seminary won the Honorable Mention of Small Scale Project in the DNA Paris Design Awards (France) and the Excellent Architecture from the Architecture Master Prize Awards (US).

Located in the Bade District, Taoyuan, the Seminary is an incubator of theologists or practitioners. Its mission is to instill missionaries, religious servants and believers with knowledge and practical training.

At the center of the campus, facing the square in front of the gate, the chapel is an icon of the Seminary. ​The building subtly embodies the vision of trinity, and the appearance of the bell tower and cross is changing as light and shadows change, conveying a sense of tranquility and solemnity.  Inspired by the aesthetics of gothic architecture, steel columns on the two sides extend to constitute patterns of arches under the ceiling, reminiscent of the ribbed vaults of gothic churches, while allowing the main hall of the auditorium to be column free. An extraordinary space on campus for worship is thus created.

Through humanistic ideas in design, JJP expects to have more international interactions with its works.