"Ring of Celestial Bliss”, meticulously built by Delta Electronics Foundation and carefully designed by J. J. Pan and Partners, wins 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Environmental Award 2013. CSR Award is annually held by Global Views Monthly (GVM).

“In 21st century, a corporate’s success cannot be defined depending only on its performance and revenue. Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability are the keys to a corporates’ reputation and factors of survival” cited from the jury.

During Lantern Festival, the Chinese will make Lantern featuring the Year of Animals to celebrate an ancient saying “Blessings as high as the sky”. After the Festival, the Lanterns become astonishing waste each year. Delta Electronics, a corporate dedicating in Green industry, invited J. J. Pan & Partners to brainstorm. The total amount of carbon emissions produced in the 15-day Delta Ring of Celestial Bliss exhibition is only 22% of the total carbon emissions produced in the Taipei 101 fireworks show.

Taiwan Lantern Festival is held from February 24th to March 10th at High Speed Railway Hsinchu Station District.

新竹灯会「永续之环」 全台最大、最低碳的节庆灯体,环境信息中心的网站报导

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