Delta Electronics’s Delta Americas Headquarters recently was officially certified as a LEED Zero Energy building. The LEED Zero Energy certification confirms that the building produces more energy than it consumes, and has maintained its net zero status over the course of a year, thus becoming the second LEED Zero certified project in the SF Bay Area, and the first in the city of Fremont, California.

There are currently less than a hundred certified LEED Zero projects in the world. Achieving this milestone award, in addition to its LEED Platinum certification, showcases Delta’s commitment to the environment and JJP’s ability to take a leading role in helping clients to achieve the highest sustainability objectives.

Learn more about JJP’s design for Delta Americas Headquarters here.

About LEED Zero Certification

For over two decades, LEED has guided and pushed projects to aim for higher performance and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through integrated building strategies impacting energy, transportation, water, waste, and materials. Building on the success of LEED certification as a market transformation tool, LEED Zero verifies the achievement of net zero goals and signals market leadership in the built environment.