On Dec 18, 2021, Principal of JJP Chungwei Su, CEO of Ally Logistic Property Charlie Chang, and Principal of Envision Engineering Consultants Kevin Chang presented the design and construction of the Ally’s Yangmei Logistics Center at AIA Taipei Section.

Planned and designed by JJP, the Yangmei Logistics Center is on a site surrounded by farm ponds, and high speed railway runs by it. The appearance of the building suggests speed and distribution, the essential characteristics of modern logistics. This project has received the Gold Prize of 2018 Melbourne Design Award, 2021 Silver Award of Architectural Society of China, and shortlisted in the category of the Most Innovative and Impactful Design of Engineering or Technology of LEAF Awards in the UK. It was published by ArchDaily international version, and was featured on the German 2020 ARCHIPENDIUM calendar.

During the forum, architect Chungwei Su shared the design conception that transformed the needs of the client, including transportation efficiency and budget cap, into distinct architectural elements. Together with structural consultant Kevin Chang, the arrangement of prefabrication fully carries out the strengths of industrial modes. The design well serves the tasks of logistics without losing its care for the scales of human activities. 60-degree slanting exterior walls make the enterprise stand out, while the barcode-like facades cleverly respond to the fast running trains across the fields.

Ally’s CEO Charlie Chang emphasized that scales and budget of an innovative logistic warehouse shall not decide the quality of its service. He appreciated the design covers not only the requirements of professional operation, but also puts the name of Ally on the international map in a very short period of time. “We wish to provide businesses with affordable rents in well-designed storage spaces.” he said.

Architect Chungwei Su concluded that during the planning and design, the team faced endless challenges regarding its functions, budget, brand building, and sustainable architecture. Through repetitive discussions and adjustments, this resilient building finally achieved the maxim that “good design is good business”.


Yangmei Logistics Center, Ally Logistic Property