JJP was invited by the well-known social media, “Techbang” to discuss “how new technology will impact the architectural design industry”, the article has been published on 6/17.

Through the MSI customized host testing, a young design team led by the deputy director of design, Ian Tseng, joined the discussion among the process of integrating such technology.

Through professional software verification and integration in architectural design, physical properties, architectural rendering, parametric simulation, and more, the feedbacks and advice collected from the user experience will be consolidated and provided to the professional designers for reference.

In the diverse cross-domain eras, the tools used in JJP would also have to be adjusted to face the increasingly vigorous challenges. In addition to the implementation of creative design as the core of leading the industry, JJP also has a cross-disciplinary vision and the professional ability to operate and work digitally. In this way, JJP hopes to break out-of-the-box and materialize the dream of cross-discipline collaboration.