JJP’s Award Winning momentum carries on in this year’s World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA) convention to win two more premium awards: Ren-Ai/Jiang-Kuo Thoroughfares took the Gold Award and Huaku New World garnered Good Design Award, respectively. The jury of WACA honored 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 11 Good Design Awards among nearly 100 selected entries on September 25th.

Ren-Ai/Jiang-Kuo Thoroughfares is an urban renewal project that situated in one of the most valuable residential& commercial area in Taipei. The north of the site faces a 100m greenbelt while the other axis surrounded by numerous classical residential buildings. These features chisel out a distinctive location which also brings a new view for the metropolitan.

Huaku New World is BOT and superficies project that locates in southern Taipei. All major facilities and Taipei metro rapid transportation system are nearby. The government hopes to activate the neighborhood and escalate the land value via this project. The project includes, from east to west, 19-story commercial building, 15-story governmental use building, 1 existing officer trainee building, 11-story officer trainee dormitory and four residential buildings.

This award features Housing and Residential especially on its “intelligence”. “The award winners truly express their concerns and unique prospective while integrating the relationship among the environment, culture, history and humans. Those design delicate elaborate Chinese Architects’ innovation and thorough thinking” cited from the judges.