Elytone Building for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science on the campus of Taipei University officially opened on September 25. Joshua Pan,FAIA, led the design team to participate in the opening ceremony and accepted the school’s gratitude. Thanks to the donation of Elytone electronics and the team efforts of the University, College of E & C and the design team, JJP was honored to have the pleasure to take the challenge of limited budget and achieve beyond all the expectations. With all the open space and public friendly design, this first JJP-designed building in this campus has become a new hot spot attracts lots of activities.

The design adopts “kite wings” character, inspired by the school emblem, and turns it into an abstract image on the façade. Following the existing campus axis and context, the glazed north-east facade faces greenery to create a friendly pattern that respects the surroundings while naturally guide the students and faculties in. An “EE” vocabulary, acronym for Electronics Engineering, was employed on the window fenestration of the façade. The image of “punch card” was used on the rest of the volume to present nostalgic image of computer science.