Winbond Electronics Zhubei Building, which is located in close proximity to the Hsinchu high-speed rail station, was officially opened in November 2021?. The flowing waves of the building form have become a unique landmark of the area.
A major concept, green pockets, creates a friendly working environment full of greenery. An open plaza and landscaping sit at the entrance providing a pleasant pedestrian area.

“Green pockets”, the wavy peninsula-like spaces inside the building and those discussion clusters in the office areas are pervasive in and around the building. The undulating façade of the building envelope echoes Hsinchu’s local identity, which also reflects the trends in the technology field. The façade shape helps to reduce the amount of sunlight exposure to the interior of the building, reducing the thermal load.

The high ceiling of the ground floor contains an art gallery and an exhibition hall, which displays master artworks created about environmental preservation, sponsored by the client. It is a space for charities as well, as it helps the client convey their corporate philosophy of sustainability.

This project was a joint venture with XRANGE(十一事務所).


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