Internationally renowned WAN(World Architecture News) announced on November 18th that the “Penghu North Sea Visitors Center” has won the silver medal for the 2020 WAN Architectural Design Award (Future Projects- Leisure).

More than 30 countries submitted for the 2020 Wan Award competition. Over 50 international architects served as juries to select projects that encompass international perspectives, efficient energy usage, and innovative sustainable design, while exhibiting a sensibility for the urban and environmental context.

Penghu North Sea Visitors Center:

Influenced by the severe weather conditions, the local farming culture developed windbreak walls called vegetable house, whose form inspired the visitor center’s wind resiliency. Wind towers placed vertical to the harsh northeast monsoon form the inner plaza to hold festive activities. These elements also respond to the collective memory of Chihkan village in Penghu.

Through analyzing and responding to wind, daylight, and thermal energy, the natural elements inform spatial qualities to gather and pedestrian plazas to emerge. Furthermore, the design allows the exchange of circulation between neighboring villages to improve cohesion between villagers and visitors for a memorable visiting experience.

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