Design by JJP, the “Campus Evangelical Fellowship Building “is near completion. Campus Bookstore on the first and second floor has officially opened in early September.

Sitting right across National Taiwan University and playing a landmark for the Gongguan shopping district, this famous “Campus Bookstore” has drawn countless youngsters to the 40-year-old four-story building to continue spreading the Gospel of Christ. The building, however, was outdated to function for its original purpose; therefore, it was set for a reconstruction. JJP’s design started in 2016, with a challenging constraint to make the building functionality and spaces work in harmony in a limiting 415㎡ site.

To continue spreading the spirit brought by “Campus Bookstore, JJP has chosen the “Mission and Calling” as its topic. The bible states that “the gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be preached throughout the world,” has inspired the window opening design to deliver its messages to the passerby humbly. The cross at the top of the building was modestly positioned to play with the light and shadow cast by the moving sun.

The building was able to perform and serve the general public in a very limiting site and design with the surrounding context of the shopping district in mind. It has become a new landmark to gather, guide, and reimagine a space for the youth.

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