Chung-Tsai Huang, Principal of JJP, was invited to speak at the Senior-Friendly Housing and Health Improvement Forum, jointly organized by the Health and Sustainable Development Foundation, Taipei Foundation of Universal Design Education, International Union for Health Promotion and Education, International Committee on Age-Friendly Health Care and the New Taipei City Government, held on July 19th in the New Taipei City Hall.

The forum focused on the theme of “Towards a Healthy Living Environment of All” and invited the AIA New York Chapter Design for Aging Committee representative Susan Wright to share her experience. Further discussions took place among the Taiwanese professionals, politicians, and industrial representatives on issues ranging from senior living, pension, long-term care, to housing issues.

Principal Chung-Tsai Huang elaborated on the theme “holistic care for the senior environment”, emphasizing the diverse connections between architecture and the environment in an aging society. He advocated for multigenerational co-living space, universal design and the creation of a greater healthy living experience by using examples including the 9064-pension model; the Taiwan experience of combining medical and long-term care; designing healthcare campuses in China; and promoting public medical institutions through BOT. Chung-Tsai Huang looks forward to further collaboration between architects, business owners, and national policy, with the aim of creating a continuous service and aid for seniors through a course of lifelong learning process. Thus living up to the phrase “old and valuable”.

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