The Cycling Culture Museum at the newly completed Giant Group Global Headquarters, designed by JJP, was officially unveiled on July 2nd. The grand opening ceremony featured Giant Group founder King Liu and JJP founder Joshua Pan, FAIA, along with members of their respective teams.

Located within the Taichung Campus of the Central Taiwan Science Park, the project is situated amongst the leading IT manufacturers of Taiwan and encompasses an R+D office tower and the Cycling Culture Museum. In terms of architectural design, the building form is dynamically sculpted to recall Giant’s technological prowess, while its curvaceous shape and sustainable design features evoke the simplicity and eco-friendliness of the bicycle. The project is a distinct landmark and aspiring statement uniquely suited for the future of Giant Group.

The newly opened Cycling Culture Museum features the evolution of the bicycle and the development of cycling culture as its main theme. Exploring cycling in the context of history, technology, riding environment and more, the museum experience integrates VR, panoramic 360 theater, multi-sensory interaction, and various technologically advanced displays to convey the culture and excitement of cycling.