Recently opened, Fuzhou Fubon Headquarters, designed collaboratively by JJP and FXFOWLE, is Taiwan Fubon Group’s first real estate investment project in China.

The building is located on the Strait Financial Street, directly facing the Min River to the south with the Fuzhou City administrative center situated across the shore and the Gushan Bridge to the east. The project commands a strategic location with unparalleled river views, thus, making it an ideal position for an important financial institution.

The building’s main south elevation features a curved curtain wall with an intricate sunshade pattern that creates a sense of the rhythm through the play of light and shadow. Low-E coated double glazed ultra-clear glass provides an unobstructed visual experience. The northern elevation boasts double-height ceiling balconies to provide expansive mountain views. At night, the programmed lighting system further enhances the wave effect.