Designed by the JJP team, "Ring of Life – Healthcare Village" has opened and interviewed by "Economy Half Hour(經濟半小時)", China Central TV(CCTV) and "Ageing in Progress(養老進行時)", Anhui Broadcasting.

The "Ring of Life – Healthcare Village " is a healthcare park with elder-friendly facilities, which integrates the natural landscape via corridors connecting to the buildings to create a rural environment for ageing. The design is in line with traditional Chinese culture, with the help of cloud-based medical technology, to create a multi-layered continuum of healthcare system to meet the needs of the elderly from self-care, semi-self-care, disability and dementia to end-of-life care.

The park consists of 1,600 self-care beds, 120 nursing beds, 220 family-unit nursing beds and 80 beds for dementia. The services include food and medical care.