The AIA SHANGHAI LECTURE SERIES 2019 annual event hosted by the American Institute of Architects was held in Shanghai. The founder of JJP, Joshua J. Pan, FAIA, was invited to deliver a highlighted speech on May 27.

In line with this year’s annual theme “New Reality,” Mr. Pan put forward the unique insights of Taiwan’s experience for “sustainable future”; In the non-stop walking times, architecture involves the most critical changes in human’s body, mind, society, and environment. Architecture must face not only new challenges but also provide professional functions that serve the people and the environment in harmony despite the technological improvements.

Mr. Pan pointed out that Taiwan has only limited resources and land. Only by combining the concepts of “ecological green energy” and “smart future” can the architecture present its cross-border humanistic thinking and convey new interpretation. With a series of latest works from JJP, he also shared the journey of the future with all the distinguished guests from the reflection that witness the architectural dreams tempered from Taiwan’s culture and experience.