On July 8th, the principal of JJP, Chungwei Su, was invited by Newland, the pioneering real estate brokerage business, to talk about the topic “present-day future city” for their monthly meeting.

Architect Su quotes Marco Casagrande from his research “The Third Generation City” as an opening: Today’s cities come from yesterday’s fulfillment, while the imagination of the present inspires tomorrow’s cities.

Architect Su detailed the architectural footprint from Taoyuan to Taipei in a different time frame. He talks about architectural design with an urban planning perspective by consolidating and developing regional developments from 40 years of practice within the region, outskirts of the city was able to see substantial progress. After 40 years of building experience in Taoyuan, JJP seeks to reshape the future context of Taoyuan.

Lastly, architect Su talks about the international trend after the global pandemic. The notion, the future of architecture, is about creating a better world for future generations to come.