“TFC ONE” was published in the April issue of Taiwan Architect magazine. This project is a model for innovation and transformation for the client’s future needs.

This building employs the concepts of “smart green building” to integrates the topics, for instance, energy-saving, ecology, leisure, R & D, and art etc. A combination of green technology park is, thus, created via the elements of air corridor and the landscape.

The welcome plaza, major axis of the circulation, guides the crowd into the commercial area at 1-3 level. The office area on 4-13 level is like an incubation center fostering the surrounding prosperity.

through the ladder square. It enters the shopping mall floor of the 1st to 3rd floors and connects the office space of 4 to 13 floors to form the business corridor of the breeding industry to promote regional prosperity.

台肥新竹TFC ONE作品介绍