On March 19th, the presidium of China Hospital Architects Alliance (CHAA) and more than 20 alliance members visited JJP as to kick off the series of the event.

In the symposium, Joshua Jih Pan expressed his warm welcome to CHAA’s visit at the beginning. Chungwei Su then introduced JJP’s philosophy in architectural practice. He not only highlighted the importance of a city’s sustainable development but emphasized that medical facilities shall take advantage of surrounding features to overcome the limitations of building a hospital — the more communication between the faculty and the patients, the more helpful to create a healing environment.

Subsequently, Mr. Chen Guoliang, first chairman of CHAA, also showed his gratitude to JJP’s friendly welcome and thoughtful arrangement for the visit. “CHAA is looking forward to the itinerary including National Taiwan University Hospital Cancer Center, Social Welfare Park of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church, Advantech Smart Campus, Ally Logistic Property Yangmei Logistics Center, and CMP village.

China Hospital Architects Alliance (CHAA) is jointly established by the well-known medical journal of Chinese Hospital Architecture Equipment, and famous medical facility design elites. It is a public-welfare, open and educational non-profit organization.