Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA, was invited by the Architecture Department of National Taipei University of Technology on November 25th to deliver a speech with the title of "Architecture-Meeting of Technology and Art". He explained the aesthetic impact on body, mind, society and environment by different cultural interpretations of architecture, also presented the diverse appearance and value of buildings from the changes of the times.

Mr. Pan believes that architecture involves a wide range of issues and perspectives. Different building types, site environments, and cultural backgrounds can be used to meet the needs of different design concerns. Never only care about a certain point, but overlook the core concept of architectural design.

During the speech, Mr. Pan shared with students JJP’s latest completed projects, including Delta Americas Headquarters, which won the CBE's Livable Architecture Award from the University of Berkeley, and tsmc 14P5 project, which won the Excellent Green Building Award from Ministry of the Interior. Through these new technological challenges, combined with reflections on ecology and humanity, JJP has provided a new design that serves people and the environment in harmony.

On that evening, the lecture hall was packed, many students even had to sit on the floor for this wonderful speech. Mr. Pan encouraged all the teachers and students always to keep curiosity when facing future challenges.