JJP’s founder, Joshua Pan, FAIA, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award during the closing ceremony of the 2020 18th Global Views Leaders Forum, sponsored by the Commonwealth Publishing Group, held on November 5th and 6th.

The theme of the forum this year was “Disintegrate and Reintegrate - a Post- Pandemic New world”, and invited 400 ethnic Chinese leaders to gather in Taipei to speak about interdisciplinary topics through technology integration, and position the Chinese community to lead the way for the international community in a post-pandemic era.

Joshua Pan, FAIA, has cultivated 40 years of experience in the architecture field and has gained international recognition. He continues to focus on the generational continuance in the architecture profession and sustainable architectural practices. The event organizer stated that “traditional Confucianism has influence Mr. Pan profoundly. Scholar Han Yu, from the Tang Dynasty, once advocated that “Writings is to Convey Truth,” Mr. Pan subsequently stated that “architecture is to convey the truth””. The phrase describes his architectural ethos of respecting nature and the environment by applying design and construction technology to care for the users. Mr. Pan treats design with a sense of harmony and humbleness, which allows him to fulfill his creativity fully and acutely.”

During the award ceremony, Mr. Pan stated the motto, “Architecture is the representation of history, the symbol of culture, and the synthesis of science and art”, occurred during his education in the NCKU department of architecture and has since defined his practice. Last but not least, Mr. Pan stressed that by acknowledging architecture is not merchandise and more of a container for spatial activities, we would then be able to seek harmony between humans, cities, and nature.

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