Designed by JJP, the Wenzhou city social welfare center has recently been completed and is ready for opening in 2021. The project aims to combine modern medical, healthcare, leisure, and cultural services, to provide a multi-functional high-end facility with its garden as one of the main features. The site consists of 128 hectares, with a total floor area of 126,000 m2 and a combined investment of 867 million NTD.

The project sits in the southern foot of Chuitai Mountain, Wenzhao city, on the west bank of Wenruitang River. The natural features provide advantages suitable for the mind, body, and spirit for the elderly's care.

The design encompasses 11 apartment buildings, one healthcare building, and one experimental living apartment. Each building consists of courtyard spaces connected with elevated corridors above the first level, creating a continuous and associated open space.

There are a total number of 2,130 beds, 34 beds for dementia patients, 356 beds for nursing care, 842 beds for device-aided elderly, and 898 for self-care elderly. The premise also includes a community hospital, elderly-friendly restaurants, convenient stores, art & cultural spaces, gyms, and life-long learning programs that are open to the residents.

The green spaces are expected to grow on top of the exterior elevations above ground level for each building. The greenery will take over public spaces and provide elders with mobility issues the opportunity to be connected with nature and public courtyards.