The project adopts multiple sustainable design concepts, including a multi-layer LOW-E glass curtain wall with electric sunshade louvers to form a natural ventilation facade. Roof garden and ecological landscapes also help to achieve the green building goal.

The architecture design emphasis on simple geometry with precise construction which represents the client’s corporate image and interprets the spirits of technology. Office quarter along south facade features series of double-height lounge with spectacular exterior view and cozy reading corner spaces to encourage interactions between staff. The ultra-white lounge glazing, subtly contrasts with Its Low-e curtain wall background, to form a light color band on the south facade cascade down depicts the client’s cooperate image.

Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA, led the design team participating in the ceremony. The firm cherishes the honor to work with the client and believe the completion of the building will keep playing a vital role in the client’s future.

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