After 6-years of design and construction, the New Taipei City Municipal Hospital begins its trial operation on April 29th, 2020. The Department of Health of the New Taipei City Government implemented a BOT (build, operate and transfer) model, and the Chang Gung medical foundation won the bid.

This general teaching hospital consists of 3 below and 15 above grade floors with 1,000 beds and 39 medical divisions. The project adopts the concept of urban transformation, which utilizes local resources with human-oriented medical care. By introducing characteristics of local culture, the hospital embodies warmth with vibrant colors, such as the “tung blossom” on the cornerstone. The design meets the standards of a gold-certified Green Building, silver-grade Intelligent Building, and BIM, promoting the idea of an ecologically friendly, energy-saving, waste reduced, and healthy environment. The project was granted with the New Taipei City Urban Design Award in 2017.

The hospital will become a general teaching hospital in the region, providing advanced medical care for residents in the neighborhood.

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