The Center for Public and Business Administration Education has been featured in the Taiwan Architect Magazine’s 2022 January Issue.  This project created connections between campus activities and the surrounding urban environment through the public square toward the open classrooms. Spaces of various forms in the changing volumes lead users to experience the place from outside to the inside. A glass box for meeting and discussion perched high in the light filled atrium is visually linked to the outdoor terrace. The creative uses of each space inspire intense and unexpected encounters and exchange. Continuing the context of the surrounding streets and blocks, the canopied green corner and the public artwork enhance the charm of the campus with the public. CPBAE won the Honorable Mention of the 2022 BLT Built Design Awards (US), and the 2022 Construction Golden Quality Award for Architectural Design (Taiwan). In the spring of 2023, JJP presents this vibrant and theatrical project with all those who wish for a better urban environment.