Architizer A+award is now celebrating its 8th Anniversary, featuring the Future of Architecture. Giving global recognition to forward-thinking designers that are forging new solutions for our evolving world. The Editors and Jury have selected ten firms notable for crafting the cultural landmarks of tomorrow.

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“From museums and theaters to libraries and pavilions. The traditions of construction, form and spatial organization inform how culture is manifested in physical space. The following projects showcase some of the innovative and award-winning cultural buildings constructed over the last decade. Together, they show how architects are making iconic designs that can become landmarks for the future.”

JJP was honored to have the pleasure of innovating with their client, Delta Electronics. The ‘Ring of Celestial Bliss.’ was the main lantern of Taiwan’s Lantern Festival in 2013. From the exterior, the lantern appears as a glowing object hovering in the night air, a feat achieved through the innovation of a specially designed steel structure. Inside the lantern, a ring of constantly-moving images was produced by the cutting-edge projection technology and LED lighting, which served as a metaphor for nature’s endless cycle of life and inspired hope for the future.

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