The World Association Chinese Architects (WACA) Awards has named the National Taiwan University (NTU) Cancer Center a 2019 Excellence Award winner. The project implemented the concepts of nature, sustainability, and holistic caring in the building space to create a thoughtful healing environment.

The World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA) was established in 2004. The WACA has set up this award to encourage more communication and exposure of Chinese architects worldwide. After rigorous evaluation by the jury, the final ten winning works were selected.

The National Taiwan University (NTU) Cancer Center uses environmental design to enhance positive spiritual strength, so that patients can feel more warmth and hope, and reduce the burden of intense and debilitating treatment procedures. By introducing abundant natural light and greenery into the interior where the patients frequent, vibrant atmosphere is achieved to overcome the gloomy spirit. Furthermore, through the mock-up process, the design team was able to interact with relevant users positively. This method of evidence-based design breaks the usual model of planning a hospital, allowing the hospital to become a holistic caring place, not a cold shell dealing with diseases.