The associate partner of JJP, Robin C.K. Tang, was invited to attend the 21st national hospital development conference by the CHCC2020 on September 19th. Architect Tang talked about the topic “medical care environment for all” as a guest speaker for the 7th Asian Medical Service Facilities Architect Forum.

The speech opened with the topic surrounding “community elderly care service development.” By combining Taiwan’s medical services, healthcare 2.0 experiences, and JJP’s experiences in designing for the medical industries, the speech consists of a sharing amongst projects including cross-generation living, Chinese healthcare communities, and more.

The core values for this conference comprises the integration of smart and diverse development – hospital transformation development and construction innovations. Leaders from each industry, alongside scholars and professionals worldwide, gather in Shenzhen to share their experiences and discuss a future blueprint for the hospital development. The topics range from technological R&D, innovative methods, smart construction, and systematized operations for the betterment and improvement of the future of the medical service environment.