Located right across National Taiwan University, a landmark of the surrounding commercial district, "Campus Books," a four-story building has attracted countless young people for more than 40 years. The existed space was no longer sufficient, so the client commissioned JJP to reconstruct the project in 2016 and held its beam-raising ceremony on March 19, 2019.

To continue the client’s vision, the project features the theme of "mission and calling" Quoting from the Bible -" Gospel of the kingdom of heaven will spread throughout the world," the sentence turns into a fenestration sequence and is engraved on the exterior wall. The cross inlaid placed at the top of the building, interacts with light to shape the expressions through light and shadow at day and night which capture the attention of the crowd on the street and to inspire the passers-by to wonder about indoor activities.

The building, dwelling on a geographically limited site, still maximizes the space function and efficiency, while echoes the surrounding lively business district, and is expected to become a new landmark for the city.