Designed by JJP, the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank headquarter, located on Mingquan East road, and Zhongshan North Road intersection has begun its construction with the ground-breaking ceremony held on June 12th. The project is the fifth generation headquarters in Taiwan for the client, Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, and the largest construction project within 55 years. This rebuild project started in 2011, where the site is 705 ping, expecting 16 stories above and 4 stories below ground, looking to be completed in 2023.

The design features the merge of both humanistic and modern industrial qualities. The seismic coefficient values are 1.5 times higher than the official code with such shock resistance standards. The interior space was able to feature a vast 27-meter column-free office space; the building is also equipped with shock absorbers and structural safety monitoring system. The projects exterior design intends to look avant-garde with modern expression, by cross-matching geometrical tectonic patterns and light-toned metallic resembling glass, inspired by the diamond-shaped geometry; lighting design strategies creating a delicate yet decent atmosphere, displaying the dazzling diamond glimmer, reflecting the everlasting business identity, ultimately, delivering a sustainable and smart energy-saving awareness.

In addition to the exterior framing presenting its craftsmanship, it juxtaposes the high-floor staff cafeteria and the sky garden, which contrasts the ground level waterfall garden, displaying the ingenuity and exquisiteness of its design.