Founder of JJP architects & planners, Mr. Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA, was invited to give a speech at The Lin Hotel in Taichung by the Taichung Architecture Development Association.

Architect Pan opened the speech with "Architecture, a journey to fulfill humanistic dreams," to further elaborate how his firm holds the belief to serve its society and to create a harmonious environment through local practices, by merging it with the humanistic and technological expertise, ultimately, impacting the environment positively. The projects he shared that day are the "National library of public information," "Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company 15A," and the recently completed "Giant Group Global Headquarters" that merges the well-known bicycle industry culture of the city. The project's design enhances the business identity and its brand value, presenting the diverse architectural challenges it takes to elevate a product marketing scheme to an influential cultural perception.

Members of the greater Taichung architecture industry and developers also joined the dialogue voicing their issues of concern regarding architecture and societal transformation, a theme presented by the association. The chairman of the Taichung Architecture Development Association, Mr. Qiu, invites Architect Pan to sign on his best-selling book "Brick by Brick – Building the Foundation of Life," which in return Architect Pan gifts the fourth JJP portfolio, "Cultivating Compassion" and the "June edition of Taiwan Architecture Magazine." In addition, the book "Cultivating Compassion" comprises of materials ranging from professional reviews, professor interviews to the discussion of its highlighted projects that are selected from over 37 years of practice. The book meticulously conveys the design philosophy, the passing of knowledge, and the vision Architect Pan embraced. The "June edition of Taiwan Architecture Magazine" was supervised by Architect Pan, who also served as the editor-in-chief for the series. The theme of the series focuses on "Professionalism, Continuance, and Sustainability in Architecture" invites internationally renowned firms to share their design experiences in Taiwan and abroad. Content ranges from Zaha Hadid Architects global performance, RSHP views to understand and adapt to local culture to MVRDVs design strategies inspired by environmental issues, all of which are valuable thought-provoking insights that are worth revisiting.

After the speech, the on-going discussion was able to present the conference with rich and diverse topics from cross-discipline interaction to cross-generational perspectives; these experiences were passionately shared amongst the great participants in Taichung.