The National Culture and Arts Foundation has announced the winner of the 21st National Award for Arts. This year’s award-winning architect Chiu-Hwa Wang is the first female architect to win the nation’s highest award.

Ms. Wang and our firm have a deep, long-term relationship. She is also the first generation of representative architects in Taiwan after WWII. In 1983, Ms. Wang accepted Mr. Pan’s invitation to participate in the design of the Main Library of Chung-Yuan Christian University. This library is regarded as a model of Taiwan’s modernist architecture and also the paradigmatic work of JJP firm in the early days. Since then, Ms. Wang has worked with Mr. Pan closely to design many modern libraries. She paid a lot of attention to combining architecture and the human environment and is known as the mother of Taiwan’s library architecture.

The review of the award pointed out that Ms. Chiu-Hwa Wang’s design is based on environmental and humanistic care and emphasizes aesthetics and craftsmanship. Among other works, library buildings have contributed the most to Taiwan, upon the value of classical architecture, added new significance to public perception.