Young Architects Competitions (YAC) launched the「 “Hyperloop Desert Campus」” international competition, which was inspired by Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept. The competition, which young architects are invited to participate in, involves designing the future Hyperloop test center situated in the Mojave Desert. The jury for this competition includes world-renowned architects representing MDRDV, UNStudio, Foster + Partners, Arup, SANAA, and more. The competition seeks to discover the most creative and sustainable design solution.

JJP submitted two schemes, “Hyperbloom” that takes inspiration from the flower superbloom in the desert, and ”Recharge the Loop” that speaks about the afterlife of the Hyperloop test center. Both schemes examined sustainability in the context of the desert environment. “Hyperbloom“ was able to stand out from the tough competition and was listed as the YAC “Hyperloop Desert Campus」” finalist.